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The Most Valuable Tax Credit Strategies for Business Owners with Ryan Foncannon

Navigating the complex world of tax credits can be daunting, but it is crucial if you want to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you.

In this insightful episode, Ken New and guest Ryan Foncannon, Managing Partner @ S.W.A.N. VFO, explore the lucrative realm of tax credits with a special focus on the solar business purchase strategy. By taking advantage of green energy initiatives, such as installing solar panels on commercial properties, listeners can tap into the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) program for impressive tax credits, enhanced cash flow, and valuable depreciation deductions.

Together, they shed light on historical tax credits, the benefits they hold for real estate owners and how staying educated is the key to capitalizing on these sophisticated tax strategies.

Ken and Ryan discuss:

  • Tax credits for business owners and high-earning W-2 employees
  • The impact of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) program
  • Green energy initiatives
  • And more


Capturing Tax Deductions on Money You Are Already Spending (Ep. 3)


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To get a state deduction, they don't necessarily need to live in that state. A lot of times we'll set up an LLC, domiciled in the state that they live so they can take advantage of that strategy.

Ryan FoncannonManaging Partner at S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office


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The Pinnacle team’s primary objective is to provide holistic financial strategies. Our ultimate vision is to educate clients about their own personal financial challenges and potential solutions regarding complex financial issues.

Managing Partner at S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office

Ryan Foncannon

Ryan Foncannon is a Managing Partner at S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO), a multi-disciplinary firm that provides a family office experience for affluent clients and business owners. With over 14 years of experience in the financial services industry, he has earned the Series 65 and the National Social Security Advisor credentials, as well as the Certified Long-term Care designation. He is also an Advanced Tax Reduction Strategist at Estate Planning Team, where he helps clients implement the Deferred Sales Trust™, a tax-deferral strategy for highly appreciated assets.

Ryan’s mission is to help business owners and high-income earners build wealth by repositioning what they pay to the IRS into income-producing assets, with huge upfront tax benefits. I also help them reduce their non-labor costs, insurance costs, and labor costs, and leverage 21st-century robotic automation to grow their businesses. Additionally, he offers them a Roth alternative with no income limits, and a 2:1 to 6:1+ leveraging for each dollar going into the program. This allows them to create tax-free income for retirement, as well as advanced charity and estate planning. He is passionate about delivering a wide range of state-of-the-art expertise, by structuring cohesive teams of specialists for each client and driving down costs for both him and his clients.

Financial Advisor

Ken New

Ken New is committed to helping retirees and pre-retirees understand financial strategy. Since 1997, he has spent time discovering options for income planning with a definitive strategy to reduce taxes. Ken explains options for growth to clients that will raise the probability that they will not outlive their income. He has such a unique and wide range of expertise in the financial industry that he is a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table and a past officer of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Planners. Ken is a resident of Viera, Florida and is happily married to his wife, Linda. He enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, Lindsey and granddaughter, Adalyn.

Elevate your financial literacy and unlock innovative tax strategies to transform your financial future.

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