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Unlock the Power of Tax Planning with Ken New

Unleash the Power of Tax Planning: Ken New Takes on the Biggest Challenge for Retirees!  Ken New is on a mission to help retirees protect their hard-earned savings from the jaws of taxes. Join him as he explores the world of tax planning and demystifies the often confusing terms associated with it. Ken will also showcase real-life examples of how the strategic use of different retirement accounts can shield your retirement income from required minimum distributions. Discover how these tax-saving strategies differ from conventional methods of growing your assets.

In this episode: 

  • Unlock the secrets of tax planning: Master the most common terms with ease!
  • Give to charity, keep more for yourself: Discover how charitable giving can save you big on taxes!
  • The Roth conversion loophole: Learn how to shield your IRA assets and secure your retirement!
  • Fight inflation with confidence: Find out how to ensure you have enough retirement income for daily living!
  • And so much more: Get the inside scoop on all the tax planning tricks you need to know!

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Tax-deferred accounts are like a seed that was planted. Now they're being harvested and the tax burden is getting bigger.

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You've watched your tax-deferred retirement account grow, but what will be the cost when you retire?

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