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Retire in Style: Achieving Your Dream with Ken New’s Roadmap to Retirement

When looking for the right advisor, you want someone who focuses on the person as much as they focus on the numbers. In this inaugural episode, Ken New shares his journey to becoming the financial advisor he is today, from his first job to his current company and everything in between. Ken reveals the lessons he’s learned throughout his career and how they help guide his own personal and professional philosophies to run the successful business he has today. Ken sheds light on the values he lives by, how he carries them into his role at Pinnacle Financial, and what differentiates him from the rest.

Ken discusses:

  • His personal story and lessons that have helped shape him as a person
  • How he takes care of himself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually
  • His definition of success in personal and professional relationships
  • Activities he incorporates into his daily routine that help him unlock his highest potential
  • Insight into who he is outside of work and a sneak peek into his home and travel life
  • And more!

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The Designations in my industry typically center around the types of advice that you can give.

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The Pinnacle team’s primary objective is to provide holistic financial strategies. Our ultimate vision is to educate clients about their own personal financial challenges and potential solutions regarding complex financial issues.

Having the right advisor means finding a financial planner with the right designations for your needs.

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