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Personalizing Your Financial Plan – Without Worrying About Personal Security

Every person has been told to be cautious when it comes to sharing their personal information. With financial advisors, that personal information could be the difference between a boilerplate retirement plan and a personalized plan. In this episode, Ken New delves into the importance of personalization in retirement planning. He explains how working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals can lead to the creation of a tailored and protected retirement plan. Ken shares examples of how he has helped clients align their desires with the realities of retirement living, and how he works to minimize risk and maximize financial stability. Join Ken as he discusses the challenges of sharing personal information, the devastating impact of losing money in retirement, and the strategies for reducing risk through smart asset spending.

In this episode, learn about:

  • The concerns clients may have about sharing personal information and how financial advisors work to protect their client’s sensitive data
  • The detrimental impact of losing money during retirement and the difficulty of earning it back, and how personalized financial planning can help mitigate this risk
  • Strategies for reducing risk in retirement plans by creating a detailed timeline of asset spending, and how financial advisors can guide clients through
  • The role of financial advisors in providing essential information and guidance to clients, and how they can help clients achieve their financial goals
  • And more valuable insights on how to approach retirement planning in a personalized and effective way.

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You're really creating a financial strategy that is not dependent on the stock market.

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